Workplace Health Checks

Why Are Workplace Health Checks Important?

Healthy employees are a huge benefit to an organisation – reduced absenteeism, increased presenteeism.

Workplace Health Checks cover the following

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse;
  • Height, Weight and BMI (obesity) and/or Waist Measurements;
  • Finger prick blood test for cholesterol & blood sugar.
  • Smoking cessation advice and nicotine prescription available;
  • Assessment of risk factors based on Heart Foundation framework.
  • Discussion of lifestyle factors, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management.
  • Referrals to appropriate other services if necessary – such as GP, family planning, optometry, dentist, sleep specialists, dietitions, counselling services.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea questionnaire.

Advantages of an OccCare workplace health check.

OccCare uses experienced local registered nurses who have a large network of other current local health providers and can refer promptly when the need arises.  Health issues can be identified and managed efficiently to ensure that your employees remain in the best of health.  Many of Auckland’s working population are not enrolled with a regular GP and miss the benefit of continuity of care– by contracting OccCare to do annual workplace health checks there is a continuity of care – employees can keep a track their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  They can be reminded of the importance of looking after themselves and their families health.