Workplace Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)

The Importance Of An Annual Lung Function Test For Employees

Occupational asthma and many other forms of workplace based respiratory problems are preventable and employees must ensure workers are not exposed to harmful fumes, dusts, particles, chemicals in the course of their employment.  Risk assessment combined with environmental monitoring to ensure that workplace exposure limits are not breached is the first step.  Training and education of employees on Safeway of working.  If respiratory protection is required then individual fit testing is necessary and ensuring the correct type of respiratory protection is used – either a dust mask or a suitable respirator.

Annual lung function test combined with a respiratory questionnaire gathers information on the respiratory health of your team.

Some industries where employees are particularly at risk include panel beaters, welders, builders, electricians, manufacturing plants, boat builders, woodworkers, spray painters, chemical and fertiliser products.

Benefits Of An Annual Lung Function Test

  • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Reduces the liabilities of compensation claims.
  • Helps to assess the effectiveness of current measures implemented for protection.
  • Provides early detection of ill health for employees
  • Monitors overall health levels which may contribute to reduced the levels of absenteeism.