Why Are Hearing Tests Vital for your Workplace?

Exposure to loud noise causes hearing loss whether you are employed in a corporate setting or working in a manufacturing environment.

As a PCBU you are obligated to undertake workplace risk assessment to identify hazards – these then need to be managed.  This may involve environmental monitoring to assess actual noise levels employees are exposed to while at work then looking at reducing employee exposure by reducing noise at source with engineering measures or sound insulation or if this is impractical then provide employees with hearing protectors.

OccCare will do Baseline /pre-employment audiometry following up with ongoing monitoring combined with a hearing conservation programme suitable for your workplace.

A hearing test needs to be done in a quiet environment – ideally an office meeting room.  Prior to testing hearing individual’s consent to test is obtained along with a past history of previous occupational and recreational noise exposures combined with a brief health history relating to ears and hearing.  The testing process takes 10 to 15 minutes depending on individuals hearing and comprehension.  At conclusion of hearing testing results are discussed with the individual, referrals to either audiologist or GP are made if necessary, current hearing protectors are inspected to ensure they are fit for purpose, correctly fitted and worn appropriately. Individuals are offered a copy of their hearing test to keep for their own record.

OccCare hearing assessments comply with all relevant New Zealand regulations and standards.