Workstation Assessment

What Is A Computer Workstation Assessment?

Whether employees are in a corporate or manufacturing environment it is important that their individual and team workstations are appropriate for them and they can work comfortably, efficiently and safely.

A workstation assessment looks at the individual in relation to their work area and ensures appropriate adaptations are made so the individual can work comfortably and is not at risk of developing any discomfort, pain or injury.  The workstation assessment enables an individual to identify any issues and make changes to enhance their comfort and productivity.  Ongoing employee discomfort, pain and injury in the workplace can decrease productivity, increase absenteeism and reduce staff morale.

Workstation Risk Factors

Individual factors such as size, height, weight, strength, fitness, health & medical history, attitude are taken into account when doing assessments.

Other aspects of Workstation assessment include the following:

  • Design of the work area
  • Design of equipment
  • Design of the job and the way in which it is carried out
  • provide the employer with an overview of the workplace – employee health, wellbeing and identify at risk workstations and employee work station practises on an individual basis.
  • Train the individual to know how to adjust their workstation to best suit them
  • Encourage early reporting of discomfort and injury

The OccCare workstation assessments are cost effective and efficient and comply with relevant legislation.